MI Windows and Doors Launches Rebranding Campaign

Window & Door
August 23, 2016

MI Windows and Doors launched a new branding campaign with an entirely new look and feel, including a new logo, tagline, literature and website. The company, which has a longstanding track record serving the new construction market, has a renewed focus on remodeling and replacement with high-quality window offerings.

“Our branding efforts are based on MI’s desire to make the buying process easier and more efficient at every level,” explains Stan Sullivan, MI’s chief sales and marketing officer. Along with an updated, more impactful logo, MI Windows and Doors’ new literature and website feature product icons that designate what each window is best used for and its features.

“The new logo features a graphic with two windows linked together to represent the partnerships and long-lasting relationships that have led MI to where it is today,” Sullivan says. “This logo tells the story of MI’s team, business, and heritage, and is a visual embodiment of our continuous pursuit of quality and precision.”