MIWD Adding New Product Line

January 11, 2013

Following up on the 2011 launch of its high-performance MI EnergyCore product line, MI Window & Door is introducing the Homemaker 3 Series of windows. "The line provides our dealers with a complete, feature-rich and cost-effective family of products to meet the next phase of Energy Star requirements," states Mike DeSoto, president of the manufacturer's Western division.

The relationship between MI EnergyCore and HomeMaker3 is similar to the auto industry model of building a standard and luxury branded vehicle on the same chassis (i.e. the Chevy Tahoe and Cadillac Escalade), he explains. "Like the Escalade, the base model MI EnergyCore product is pre-packaged with all the luxury features that a consumer would find in 'the best' window. The base model HomeMaker3 does not include many of the luxury features and, therefore, sells at a considerable discount to the MI EnergyCore window," he continues. "Customers can option up the HomeMaker3 with the features that bring the best value to their home."

 A sill section from the single-hung model in the new Homemaker 3 line.

One unique aspect of the HomeMaker3 line is that it is made from extrusions that are highly chambered and incorporate angled walls to maximize thermal efficiency, torsional strength and water drainage. "The crossing angular walls are designed like a building truss to focus the load of the glass to the center of the frame, which rests on the building stud," says DeSoto. "Because of this feature, the HomeMaker3 window can comfortably support the added weight of a sound control or laminated glass package without overloading or twisting the frame. The angled walls also create an internally sloped drain path for improved weeping."

DeSoto notes that both window lines are produced on the same assembly lines at its Prescott Valley, Ariz., plant. This improves MIWD's plant efficiencies in scrap and labor, which translates into reduced cost for  dealers, according to DeSoto.

The new window line comes standard with ¾-inch dual-pane, low-E glass; dual weatherstripping; and a certified forced entry-resistant locking system.  Custom built, the line includes horizontal slider, single hung, casement, awning, fixed, and architectural shapes.  Each of these styles is available in continuous frame combinations to minimize the need for mulling.  Windows are available in ⅛-inch increments of width and height and five frame options to achieve optimum fit for new construction or replacement window projects. All styles are available in four color combinations, numerous grid options, and multiple high performance glass options, including laminated glass.

"We are forecasting solid growth for both the MI EnergyCore and HomeMaker3 products," DeSoto concludes.  The new line offers dealers a mid-priced product that appeals to the "Goldilocks” customer wanting “not too much, but not too little," he states. "We believe today's 'just right' window should meet the proposed V6 Energy Star criteria at an economical price.  However, there is still a large entry level market and luxury market that our dealers can reach with our Professional 5000 and MI EnergyCore product lines."