Mobile Software Tool for Millwork Launched by New Partnership

May 15, 2013

Main Street Millwork is partnering with Luxwood Software Tools to launch Mobile Visual Pro, or MVP, an on-site graphic estimating application for use on smart phones and tablets.  The system, targeted at door and millwork dealers and building supply businesses, allows users to easily enter door and trim take-offs at the job site or any remote location, and produces a graphic bid and order that can be uploaded into a company's main system.

"It's the game changer that everyone's been waiting for," says Steve Linn, a partner at Main Street.  Based in Denison, Texas, the company has been testing the use of professional graphic estimates over the last five years and has seen a direct correlation between the use of professional graphical estimates and a higher closing rate, it reports.

"It's about perception, professionalism and making things easier for your customers," Linn continues. "Customers want to be associated with professionally run companies that employ the latest technology because they understand that it helps their business as well."


The MVP concept is based on a ground-up approach with a major focus on ease of use, increasing sales and reducing operational costs, the suppliers report. The user interface has been designed based on many years of millwork and field sales experience, combined with the programming capabilities of Luxwood Software Tools. This collaboration began when Chuck Pool, another partner at Main Street, was introduced to Terry Davies, owner of Luxwood Software Tools.

Davies saw the perfect fit to power MVP with Luxwood's On-site Estimator and Quote Generator software product line and began programming for MVP in 2011. "We are excited by the overwhelming positive feedback we've received from early showings of MVP to potential customers," says Pool. "We believe that MVP is going to set a new standard in our industry on how take-offs, estimates and orders are done."

Robert Pool, another Main Street partner who works closely with the company's point-of-sale system, says he is particularly excited about MVP's ability to connect to virtually any point-of-sale software. This feature allows a company to take estimates and orders into their P.O.S without re-keying. "This is a major benefit," he says. "It means that a company can reduce and control operational costs and keying errors, and improve their bottom line."

The MVP system consists of three software components. The On-site Estimator and Quote Generator reside on the user company's P.O.S. desktop system, and the MVP interface resides on the salesperson's smart phone or tablet. The OSE desktop allows a company the flexibility to import, manage and configure their inventory and product SKU's for uploading to all mobile devices. The OSE is also where incoming estimates and orders are received and managed from the mobile devices, officials note. The quote generator is the software component that creates the P.O.S. connection.

The MVP interface that resides on the mobile device has been broken down into logical and time-tested take-off steps that are designed to be fast and easy while reducing errors, according to the supplier. Users do need to memorize SKU numbers or know how to operate the P.O.S. system to use the graphic-based, quick-touch entry process.

The system allows access to customer and job information, pricing levels and price management, fast handling of customer changes, a product information button with instant access to product graphics and information, bids and orders with graphic confirmation, mobile fill-in ordering on any product with a SKU number, including lumber and hardware, the suppliers report.  More information is available at