Ecosmart House Features Thermochromic Glass

Window & Door
April 10, 2013

Pleotint LLC's Suntuitive interlayer, used to produce thermochromic glass that passively adapts to changes in temperature and direct sunlight, is featured in the recently-constructed ecosmart house.

Built in Bozeman, Mont., the ecosmart house serves as a residential modeling and construction project to expand the knowledge of environmental and human sustainability, according to Rehau, the extruder of vinyl window profiles and manufacturer of  building products.  Sponsored by the company, the house is being constructed by Montana State University.

“We were determined to use innovative energy and building technologies that maximize energy efficiency and occupant comfort, such as the high-performance Rehau window designs that feature the Suntuitive interlayer,” says Ralph Childs, Western region commercial sales manager for Rehau North America’s window and door business unit.

The windows in the ecosmart house using Suntuitive are expected to yield energy savings of at least 20 percent over conventional windows, according to energy modeling projections completed by the Creative Research Lab at Montana State University. The house functions as a living lab for the University, where its energy performance is being tested with 300 sensors collecting data of energy efficiency, comfort and lifecycle costs over the course of two years.

The Suntuitive interlayer passively tints the glass in response to direct sunlight, helping
to keep rooms comfortable while allowing occupants to enjoy views without glare or heat
from the sun’s rays.