Natural Disasters May Delay Lead Times at Glazing Facilities

Window & Door
September 19, 2017

Adler Windows reported it may experience delays in lead times due to the glass industry in North East America experiencing delivery delays after a number of incidents throughout various manufacturing plants within recent months.

The Illinois-based Pilkington North America Inc. factory sustained substantial damages from a tornado that hit the LaSalle County in early March. The walls and roof of the factory experienced most of the damages. The plant has yet to resume production.

Guardian Industries, which recently resumed operations at their glass plant in Iowa after experiencing a gas explosion in June, have temporarily closed their “floating glass” line at their New York plant to perform an unexpected repair.

In August, Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG) in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, suffered a glass leak and fire which shut down both float lines at the facility. On August 25, they notified their customers that the incident was expected to last up to two months. 

Adler reports that these events, along with the scheduled closing of other glass production companies due to repairs and upgrades, have caused major lead time delays throughout the East Coast.