New Door Lock Connects with Home Automation Systems

September 11, 2009
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Kwikset, the supplier of residential door hardware industry, introduced a new remote-control access control system yesterday at the CEDIA Expo 2009 in Atlanta. The new SmartCode keyless entry electronic locks with Home Connect Technology were developed for interoperability with home automation and security systems, according to the supplier.

The lock will allow the homeowner to check door lock status, automatically arm and disarm a security system, and initiate customized scenes upon entrance and exit. With a motorized driven deadbolt, the lock offers true remote locking and unlocking features, allowing users to monitor and control their locks using either a Web-enabled device or their home automation system.

"Other products can tell you whether or not your door is locked, but unless a friend or neighbor is standing on your welcome mat, the deadbolt cannot be locked or unlocked," says Dave Albert, vice president of business development for Black & Decker Hardware & Home Improvement, Kwikset's parent company. "This extraordinary innovation differentiates SmartCode with Home Connect Technology in the marketplace and gives consumers the convenience they are looking for. Now if you forget to lock your door and you`re already 20 miles away at work, you don`t have to call a neighbor or friend to come lock your door—you can do it yourself just with the push of a button, or the click of a mouse."

Showcased at the trade show of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, the electronic hardware will be available through Control4 home automation system installers, the company notes. Black & Decker is a member of both ZigBee and Z-Wave Alliances, and will be using these, as well as any other emerging RF protocols, to enable its hardware to communicate with home security and automation platforms, the supplier reports.

Establishing the door lock as a user interface dramatically increases the security and convenience provided to the homeowner, Kwikset officials note. Offering two-way functionality, the lock remotes can directly and wirelessly control home security and automation systems, and these systems, in return, can be used t o control the door locks.  Homeowners use up to 30 customizable codes that can arm the home security system when the door is locked and disarm the system when the door is unlocked. Likewise, home automation systems can be configured to automatically set home lighting, music and climate controls based on the code used, or the specific resident entering the home.

Installation of the door hardware is said to be simple, as the locks can replace any existing deadbolt and operate on four AA batteries, thus eliminating the need for hardwiring.