New Marvin Dealer in New England

February 25, 2011

A. W. Hastings & Co., the New England distributor for Marvin and Integrity windows and doors, has named United Home Experts to be the first in-home focused dealer/installer in the New England service region. Based in Ashland, Mass., United Home Experts serves homeowners in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and parts of New Hampshire and Connecticut.

“It was a long but worthwhile process, and we're glad Hastings chose us to be their newest Marvin Windows partner," says Peter Martino, United marketing director. "Through this process we learned how selective and passionate both Marvin and A.W. Hastings are in their pursuit of delivering quality products to New England homeowners. We're thrilled to be an extension of their team.”

United Home Experts, which also offers roofing, siding, and painting services, plans to promote Marvin and Integrity windows to its existing customer base and other homeowners within Eastern New England through home shows, local events, neighborhood postcards, e-mail marketing, online marketing, and a dedicated Web site.