New Order System for PGT

May 22, 2012

PGT Industries has teamed up with Catapult Systems, a Microsoft IT consulting firm, to roll out a new online order system for its commercial customers. Named Exoquote, the system is designed to enable customers to rapidly and easily make complex purchases online.

"In our industry, customers have a low tolerance for slow-performing ordering systems," says Terry Mitchell, IT director for the Florida-based manufacturer of windows and doors. "The goal of the new Exoquote solution was to give customers the performance they expect without compromising any of the advanced ordering features they needed."

With the new system, PGT customers can now quickly place orders with deep product customization using the Exoquote system's intuitive and flexible interface, officials state. By using Microsoft Silverlight to power Exoquote, the system eliminates the need for customers to install a specialized application, thereby side-stepping the need for PGT to support a wide variety of customer hardware and software.

"The team at Catapult Systems challenged our paradigm and the end result was something we never would have come up with on our own," says Sam Motes, software services lead at PGT. "Exoquote is the first of many customer-facing applications that we'll implement to improve our business."

PGT's Mitchell and Motes sat down for a video interview about their experiences
deploying the company's new system.