Newly Launched WFI Global to Offer Foam Systems for Fenestration Industry

Window & Door
April 8, 2013

Terry Walker and Joseph G. Fabick, Jr., recently launched WFI Global LLC, a Madison, Wis., specialty chemical coatings and foam company. WFI's initial product offering will consist of low-density polyurethane foam systems for the fenestration industry, with other chemical coating products to follow. The company plans to sell the foam systems throughout the U.S. and western Canada through Industrial Sales Corp., Westport, Conn., under the sales leadership of Jim Hornung.

Walker has 30 years of experience in the urethane foam and coatings industry, and Fabick is president of Fabick Inc., a manufacturer of industrial sprayed-on coatings and the patent-holder for Poured-On coatings. Art Goldman, who has 25 years of urethane application experience in the fenestration industry, is providing technical and marketing services for WFI Global. 

Terry Walker and Joseph (Jay) G.       Fabick, Jr.
Jim Hornung
Art Goldman