New York Testing Lab Moves to Bigger Facility

July 1, 2007
ETC Laboratories will transition to an 83,000-square-foot facility in Rochester, N.Y., later this year. Company officials expect the new facility will be fully operational and accredited by early 2008.

The new site, just a mile or so down the road from ETC’s current location near the Rochester airport, will feature 32 feet high bay space, four overhead cranes and three multi-use environmental chambers, which the lab obtained from Kodak.

ETC will begin moving in late 2007, and company officials report there will be no loss of business or scheduling during the transition.

The new site will allow the company to expand its services to include acoustical testing, large-scale indoor curtain wall mock-up testing, large scale thermal and condensation-resistance testing, ballistics, expanded fire testing services and additional materials and component test services, all for the building construction materials sector. In addition, ETC will begin penetrating new test services markets for consumer and industrial products.