ODL Launches New Website for Blink Blinds + Glass

Window & Door
January 8, 2019
ODL Inc. launched a new website for its Blink Blinds + Glass collection of blinds-between-glass. The new website features content and visuals that serve all of Blink’s audiences—including manufacturers, architects, builders and installers, as well as homeowners—to replace the previous version of the site that primarily targeted consumers.
According to Roger Finch, national marketing manager, ODL Retail & OEM Channels, professional audiences benefit from increased content, including technical information on product performance, codes, safety certifications, energy efficiency, thermal performance, and product and design specifications. Benefits to homeowners include a color visualizer to help determine which of Blink’s six color options can best complement a home.
Upgrades to the site include a more comprehensive explanation of Blink products’ features and benefits and a more clarified description of which products are available for doors versus windows. Cutaway diagrams are included to show the products from a new perspective. And, interactive animations showcase the raise, lower and tilt functions of Blink’s Raise, Lower, Tilt and Tilt Insulated Glass products. The new site also features updated video content that showcases Blink’s brand value as well as troubleshooting videos and care and maintenance tutorials.
Product samples can now be ordered directly through the site instead of through customer service and an updated “Where To Buy” page makes it easier to search for manufacturers that use Blink. Filters for U.S./Canada zip codes and provinces, product type and more are now available.
The site is hosted on a fully responsive platform that translates seamlessly from desktop to laptops, tablets and smart phones, according to the company.
To experience the site and its features, visit blinkodl.com.