Pella Launching SmartSync at CES

January 10, 2012

At the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, Pella Windows & Doors is introducing SmartSync.  The new technology offers an integrated system that allows shades or blinds to be controlled simply by a remote control or by a home or building automation system through Web-enabled devices like computers and most smart phones.

The new Pella offering, to be rolled out later this year, is being featured in the Schlage booth at CES as part of the the re-launched Schlage LiNK system, now expanded and known as Nexia Home Intelligence. The new smart home automation system “helps your home speak one simple language,” according to Schlage officials.  Nexia enables consumers to remotely manage features and functions of their homes including door locks, heating and cooling systems, lights, and blinds or shades like those in Pella Designer Series windows.

“Like other Pella products, Pella SmartSync technology is designed with purpose. It’s engineered to provide convenient benefits and ultimately help you save energy,” says Polly Tousey, Pella strategic programs manager. “For example, you can quickly and conveniently adjust blinds or shades in your Pella windows to control light, privacy and help save energy in your home or business.” she said.

To help save energy, Pella suggests homeowners open southern-facing window treatments in the winter to help let in the sun’s warming rays during the day, and close them at night to help keep heat in as outdoor temperatures drop. Likewise, closing blinds or shades during the day in the summer helps limit interior heat gain, helping reduce potential cooling costs.

Between-the-glass blinds or shades featuring this technology can manage the sun’s light and heat over two times more efficiently than windows without blinds or shades, Tousey points out. “When Pella SmartSync systems are integrated with a home automation system to create a carefully-controlled interior environment, the energy usage of a home can be optimized easily and efficiently,” she adds.