Phantom and Seiki Form Partnership

February 1, 2008

Phantom Screens and Seiki Screen Systems of Japan have signed a letter of intent to develop a definitive partnership agreement by which they will collectively deliver a complete family of retractable screening solutions to North America. Under the agreement, Phantom Screens will handle the distribution, customer service, sales and marketing of Seiki products in North America.

“Seiki is the largest manufacturer of retractable screens in the world, and their strong reputation and expertise in engineering screening products makes them the ideal partner for Phantom Screens,” states C. Esther DeWolde, CEO of British Columbia-based Phantom. “We believe our relationship affords us the ability to deliver an unprecedented range of product options, outstanding quality, and unsurpassed service to our clients.”

"Our general manager of Seiki's North American branch, Jo-Ann Hussey, recommended Phantom because of its impressive network of authorized distributors; they have the ability to service customers in all parts of the United States and Canada," states Hiro Moriya, Seiki’s general manager of international sales. "Their understanding of local consumers and strong reputation with commercial and OEM clients gives Seiki the confidence that Phantom will provide our North American clientele with an outstanding experience."

Ron Somers, Phantom vice president of sales and marketing, sees great potential from the proposed partnership with Seiki. "We plan to introduce a number of innovative new products to North America this year, some of which have never been seen here before," he says.