Ply Gem Joins Web-Based Service for Builders

August 19, 2009

Ply Gem Windows has partnered with HomeSphere, a provider of Web-based services to the residential construction supply chain, to reach out to builders. The window maker has joined more than 70 other manufacturers currently using HomeSphere’s BRI Program to gain access to builders that use the system to manage rebates.

“The BRI partnership provides a powerful tool to further extend our national manufacturing and distribution network,” says Jeff Klein, senior vice president for Ply Gem Windows. “We’ve recently consolidated our window brands, and HomeSphere provides a platform to communicate the change to new builders and distributors and to grow market share among our potential customers.”

Designed to streamline the residential building supply chain, BRI is a Web-based service serving both manufacturers and builders. Manufacturers use BRI to access more than 1,100 builders in the program, gaining advanced understanding of their supply chain and increased exposure for their products through an efficient rebate management program, according to Colorado-based Homesphere. As a result, manufacturers gain inroads to new accounts and build recognition for their products and services. Builders, on the other hand, gain product knowledge and manage their cash-producing rebates.

“BRI is a powerful marketing tool,” says Chris Toth, HomeSphere’s VP of sales. "Particularly during trying times for the residential building industry, our customers and clients gain much-needed awareness for their brands.”