PPG Announces Price Increase

Window & Door
April 28, 2014

 In an April 24 letter to customers, PPG Industries announced it would increase prices on primary glass products, effective June 2, 2014. 

In the letter, PPG officials attribute the price increase to rising costs of materials, operating expenses and distribution costs, which continue to affect "reinvestment in enhanced product development and security of supply initiatives." 
PPG will implement a price increase on the following flat glass product categories by the percentage shown below:
9 percent increase
  • Clear glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Pattern glass
6 percent increase
  • Starphire ultra-clear glass and Solarphire solar glass
  • Solarban coated low-emissivity glasses on clear, tinted or Starphire substrates
  • Sungate coated Low-E glasses
  • Solarcool and Vistacool coated reflective tinted glasses
  • Clarvista coated shower glass and SunClean coated glass
  • Heat strengthened and tempered glasses will increase by the amount shown above for the base substrate.
Cut to size 6mm Solarban coated glasses will be addressed via the Certified Fabricator Network Cut Size matrix under separate cover.
Officials also note in the letter that PPG will address a portion of energy and transportation cost inflation by the quarterly surcharge letter. PPG plans to make changes to the current Flat Glass Steel Rack and the Customer-Specific Inventory Programs, beginning July 1.
Earlier this month, Guardian Industries also announced a price increase, effective May 19.