Precision Entry Changing Name

December 5, 2007
Precision Entry Inc. reports that effective January 1, its new name will be ProVia Door. Based in Sugarcreek, OH, the company currently operates under the Precision Entry, Sugarcreek Industries, and Monarch IG names, producing pre-hung entry doors, storm doors, windows and insulating glass.
The new name, which translates as “the professional way,” embodies the organization’s desire to continually move on an upward path in the areas of corporate ethics and faith-based practices. The ProVia Door name is designed to reflect the company’s goal of creating a new category of products, professional-class doors, as well as its commitment to unparalleled levels of quality and customer satisfaction.
Precision Entry unveiled the new name and logo to employees in October.
“This name change will position us for future growth and increased market share,” says Bill Mullet, president and CEO. “The new name will more accurately communicate to consumers the long-standing commitment to producing professional-class doors and windows our company has maintained for 30 years. We firmly believe that ProVia Door will become synonymous among consumers for the highest level of service and quality in the door industry.”

According to Willis Schlabach, vice president of sales and marketing, the core elements of the organization will remain the same throughout the transition to the new name. The company remains dedicated to its excellent team members, state-of-the-art production processes and efficient delivery system. “The only thing that has changed is that our focus has become more intense. This intense resolve to provide professional-class products and services will drive our company to become the leader in the door industry. As a result, enhancements will be made to our organization over the upcoming months that will make doing business with us even more desirable,” notes Schlabach.

The new name evolved out of marketing efforts that probed past current perceptions to define what the door and window maker’s business is truly about, explains Phil Wengerd, director of marketing. “We conducted sessions with management to identify our core principles and values, and we believe our new name, ProVia Door says it best.”