ProVia Introduces FineLine Technology for Endure Vinyl Patio Doors

Window & Door
July 2, 2019

ProVia's new FineLine Technology is designed to produce a straight, clean weld line on the corners of Endure Vinyl Patio Doors and achieve a “picture frame quality” look on the sashes, according to the company.

Doors produced with FineLine technology meet or exceed all industry requirements for strength and durability (AAMA / WDMA / CSA101 / I.S.2 / A440-11 Section Thermoplastic corner weld testing).

Across the U.S., most manufacturers use a traditional welding process to join vinyl patio door corners. This process creates a wide joint that must be cleaned and touched up. FineLine Technology enhances the aesthetics of the finished corner without these secondary processes, resulting in a neat, seamless look.

FineLine Technology is now available through ProVia customers and comes standard on all Endure Patio Doors with laminated extrusions, with the option to upgrade on white, beige and sandstone vinyl.