Quanex and Bostik Partner to Distribute Sealants

Window & Door
April 1, 2013

Quanex Building Products Corp. partnered with Bostik, a provider of insulating glass sealants, to distribute four new edge-seal products, sold under the Edgetherm brand name. The product line was designed specifically to meet key requirements in insulating glass production, including low moisture vapor transmission rates, movement accommodation, low temperature flexibility and low gas permeability, according to a Quanex release.

Edgetherm 3500 single-part butyl rubber-based sealant, Edgetherm 3400 hot-applied desiccant, Edgetherm 3100 and 3000 one-component hot-melt butyl sealants are now available through Quanex customer service, 800/233-4383.