Quanex Updates Optimizer to Help Users Prepare for Energy Star Changes

September 30, 2013

As manufacturers prepare for Energy Star Version 6 implementation, Quanex Building Products has released an updated version of its Quanex Optimizer that includes new user-friendly search filters for estimating U-factors in more than 625,000 window and door configurations, the supplier reports.


“The idea behind the new filters is that you will be able to expand your search options, even to every combination available for a given operator in the Optimizer, and only see those results that fit your criteria for U-factor, visible transmittance and solar heat gain,” says Doug Hauck, senior tech service engineer for Quanex. “Where you once had to either narrow your search criteria or sift through numerous results, you can now cast a very wide net and only see those configurations that get you where you need to be.”

The updated software allows users to mix and match a variety of framing materials, common North American IG spacers, glass packages, low-E coatings and gas fills to estimate the performance of different configurations.

“Redesigning window systems to meet stricter performance criteria can seem daunting, especially when you consider the expense of testing,” Hauck notes. “While the Quanex Optimizer does not replace actual testing, it can help save time and money by helping companies determine which configurations are going to yield the best results toward meeting Energy Star requirements.”

The Quanex Optimizer is available online or as an iPad app through the iTunes App Store.