RavenWindow Sees Enhancements

July 11, 2012

Development of RavenWindow version 2.1, a thermochromic glazing product, is complete and will be available from the Denver-based RavenBrick manufacturing facility in May 2013, company officials report.

“There are many significant improvements for this version,” states McCarthy, RavenBrick co-inventor and CTO. “An increase in visual light transmission of 15 percent makes this technology even more desirable to the end-user and the ability to re-size at the fabricator level allows for an easy adoption into their manufacturing process.”

The RavenWindow’s technology uses a filter installed inside the insulating glass unit. It is customized at the time of manufacture to remain in the clear state, allowing solar heat into the building when desired, and then transition into the tinted state, blocking solar heat, without the view to outside being compromised.

“More enhancements are coming,” says Alex Burney, CEO. “We continue to work with our suppliers to augment the performance of our filter. We foresee further visible light transmission boosts, along with increased filter sizes being available in the near future.”