Reorganization of the Ownership Structure Complete for Renolit and RKW

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October 7, 2019

Following the agreement on a change in the ownership structure of JM Holding GmbH and therefore also of Renolit SE and RKW SE, the restructuring process is complete. After the reorganization of the ownership structure was contractually signed off in July, the redistribution between family owners came into effect on Oct. 1.

Upon completion of the reorganization, the Fischer and Lang/Helms family members acquired all the shares in JM Holding GmbH and therefore also in Renolit SE, while the Müller and de Alvear family members received 100 percent of the shares in RKW SE.

“We are happy that we have set Renolit SE on this important course and completed the generation change for its owners, thereby securing the long-term development of the company within the ownership of the family,” says Anja Fischer, Christiane Helms and Andreas Lang as the representatives for both shareholder families.

“We are convinced that the new ownership structure offers the best conditions for RKW to take the next steps in its development,” says Hansjakob Müller on behalf of RKW’s shareholder families.

Further details of the transaction, including the adjustment value amount, have not been disclosed.