Roto Introduces Restrictor

Window & Door
June 24, 2019

Roto North America introduced an opening restrictor that is designed to ensure the sashes stop at a defined opening width and are locked in an end-stop position using the handle. It is suitable for inward and outward opening aluminum windows.

The opening restrictor is controlled by the handle only. Using the “Roto TiltFirst” window handle technology means that users only have the 0- or 90-degree handle positions to choose from. The handle then prevents the opened sash at the defined opening width from slamming shut in windy conditions. The sash is locked by moving the handle at the end stop from the 90 degree position back into the 0 degree locked position. Only authorized staff are able to unlock the handle on the cylinder using a removable key when the sash is closed and disable the turn restrictor by turning the handle to 180 degree.

The company says the product is suitable for buildings and rooms where users often change, such as in hotels.