Sashlite and Bystronic to Work Together

January 23, 2009

Sashlite LLC and Bystronic Glass Inc. have entered into a long-term research and development agreement to improve upon the manufacturability of Sashlite's integrated sash technology. The agreement calls for Bystronic to leverage its research and development expertise in insulating glass technology and equipment fabrication in order to produce integrated sash windows that are superior in terms of quality, performance and durability, officials state.

“We are proud to partner with Sashlite," says Claus Rieger, president of Bystronic Glass for the Americas. "While the technology has proven successful, we know that through R&D we can drastically improve in areas such as field performance, manufacturing processes, efficiencies and aesthetics.”

Also supporting the Sashlite/ Bystronic development effort will be sealant manufacturer H.B. Fuller. “We are very excited about the commitment put forth by Bystronic and look forward to continuing development of innovative sealant solutions," says Mark Hackbarth, H.B. Fuller's windows business manager: "We believe that in combination with H.B. Fuller sealant technologies, Sashlite offers a unique solution for the window industry.”

Sashlite technology eliminates the separate insulating glass unit by integrating the spacer directly into the window sash. The result is a single solid window said to deliver some of the highest performance characteristics on the market.  One of the principal goals of the partnership is to develop window technologies that will conform to upcoming Energy Star Window program standards, Sashlite officials note. With existing technologies, many window manufacturers will not be able to meet the forthcoming requirements. The Bystronic/Sashlite partnership aims to fill address this issue and provide a new alternative for high performance window production.