Seeing Continued Growth, Inline Adds Facility

October 19, 2009

Toronto-based Inline Fiberglass Ltd. recently acquired an 80,000-square-foot facility in nearby Mississauga, Ont. The company not only sees increased demand for fiberglass window products, but is expanding its line to include new building products.

"It is unbelievable in a time when other companies are still closing their doors, we need to expand to support our continuous growth," says Stanley Rokicki, the company's founder. "Our new facility will not only add greater capacity, we will be adding new and even greener products to our existing lines."

With the new facility, Inline plans to enter the entry door market, reports Bernard Rokicki, Inline's director of dealer sales. It plans to launch a new framing system, designed for use with fiberglass door slabs. The company is also diversitying into such areas as structural insulated panels, he notes.

Meanwhile, he sees expanded demand in the window and door market.  Fiberglass continues to grow with the increased focus on energy efficiency, Rokicki states. Tax incentives for windows and the popularity of fiberglass with the green building community are also contributing to demand.

Many large vinyl window manufacturers are moving to fiberglass reinforcements, Rokicki also reports.  "There's a lot more interest among small fabricators in getting started with lineals also," he adds. Fabrication of fiberglass windows and doors has traditionally been seen as a much harder process than vinyl products, he notes.  That has slowed its acceptance in the market place, but that's "no longer the case," Rokicki concludes. "There's proven demand for the product, and activity has grown enough that more manufacturers are ready to make a move."