Siltech Expands in Florida

December 5, 2007

With an eye toward a national rollout of its solid surface windowsills in 2008, Siltech announced plans for an expansion that includes an 87,500-square-foot production facility. Based in Naples, Fla., the producer currently serves the state of Florida but aims for building a national footprint next year.

According to Dino Longo, president and founder of the firm, 2006 exceeded expectations, bringing in more than $3 million in windowsill sales. In addition to creating the solid surface windowsill, Siltech manufactures and sells flooring transition thresholds, shower curb caps, window seats and wall caps.

“We believe that solid surface windowsills are becoming the industry standard for new construction and remodels,” Longo says. “Our market is continuing to expand, which we believe will further boost demand for the product.”

Longo says discussions are now in progress for the location and financing of the plant, and distributors and retailers are being selected.

The company started in Naples in 1998, and spread to other areas in the state in 2004.

Company officials expect the new production facility will be capable of producing nearly a million lineal of feet of product per month.