Simonton Promoting Lead Safety with National Poison Prevention Week

March 15, 2012

In advance of next week's National Poison Prevention Week (March 18-24), Simonton Windows is encouraging homeowners to educate themselves about possible poison exposure from lead-based paints and products used in the original construction of older homes. The company is also noting the importance of hiring contractors certified in lead safe practices who can analyze and safely remove older windows coated with lead-based paint as part of a replacement project.

“National Poison Prevention Week is the ideal time to shine the spotlight on proper procedures for lead-safe practices and other steps targeted at preventing lead poisoning in children and adults,” says Gary Pember, Simonton's VP of marketing. “Unfortunately when it comes time to replace some older windows, lead paint can be disturbed, creating lead dust and chips. Homeowners should seek out professional contractors who are trained and certified to follow specific work practices to help prevent lead contamination inside, outside, and around the home during remodeling work. This includes replacing older windows.”

Pember reminds homeowners that danger from lead poisoning doesn’t come just from the process of replacing older windows in the home. “The friction created by opening and closing windows and doors coated in lead-based paint can generate lead dust, which may contaminate the household,” says Pember. “This harmful dust can be inhaled and inadvertently spread to other areas of the home. An estimated 30 million homes in the United States today still contain lead-based paint, which can be extremely harmful, especially to children. One of the very best ways to remove the source cause of this dust is through total window replacement. Vinyl windows and doors are a safe, long-lasting, ideal alternative.”

Simonton produced a lead safety awareness video late last year.  Available for viewing on YouTube, the video is designed to educate homeowners and encourage them to review their homes for lead paint issues. Simonton also offers more information on lead safe issues on its website.

“Simonton supports all educational efforts for contractors and homeowners that can result in safer living environments,” says Pember. “We recommend people with houses built prior to 1978 have their homes tested and seek out ways to prevent their families from potential lead poisoning and its harmful effects. This year’s 50th annual National Poison Prevention Week is an ideal time to contact your local health departments to ask for information on blood-level testing and educational programs in your area.”