Small Planet Supply Expands ThermalBuck Reach to the West Coast

Window & Door
July 2, 2019

Brinc Building Products Inc. expanded ThermalBuck distribution in the Northwestern U.S and Canada through a partnership with Small Planet Supply, a regional high-performance building material supplier for over 10 years.

Small Planet Workshop (the original company name) emerged from a division of West Coast Associates to support net-zero and passive house education and training in North America. The “workshop” side of high-performance building soon developed into a business as a building material supplier, specializing in products designed for super-insulated, airtight structures.

“Adding exterior insulation is a no-brainer for most projects, and ThermalBuck eliminates the challenge that goes into detailing critical areas – like windows and doors,” says Kieran Lavelle, sales manager, Small Planet Supply. “This makes it a vital piece of the puzzle toward energy-efficiency. We’re proud to offer ThermalBuck alongside our other high-performance building products.”