Soft-Lite Adds New Dealer Service

February 8, 2011

Soft-Lite LLC is offering GuildQuality Customer Satisfaction Surveying as a benefit for its dealers to help them improve service and grow sales. The service provides survey responses that are updated regularly to give dealers an up-to-the-minute snapshot of how customers see them, the company explains.

"We are once again providing an innovative platform to help our dealers get even better at what they do," says Greg Irving, Soft-Lite's VP of sales and marketing for the vinyl window and door maker. "In 2010 we offered our dealers the improveit! 360 Business Management System to help streamline their businesses and improve customer service. This year, we're offering them GuildQuality which gives them real-time, Web-based customer feedback. This immediate feedback will help them identify and quickly resolve customer complaints, as well as recognize and reward good employee performance."

The survey tool can be used to assess year-to-year performance for an overall company or provide a focused response to a single question about a specific sales rep, the supplier states. GuildQuality allows dealers to monitor trends and other influences that are important to their business, as well as use peer benchmarking to see how they are performing compared to others in their own markets or nationwide, it is noted. Finally, the system can integrate with both Twitter and Facebook, automatically posting a dealer's comments on a Twitter stream or Facebook page.

GuildQuality's dealer option of posting dealer survey responses on the internet provides an excellent sales tool, an advantage no other competitor provides, says Soft-LIte's Irving. "By allowing the public to read a dealer's survey responses, that dealer validates his customer service attitude and quality-minded work ethic. The customer can read what's being said about their dealer and make their own informed comparison. Used at a sales call, this openness becomes a tremendous sales tool for the dealer."

"This is an incredible tool that our dealers can use to provide better customer service and build their businesses," says Roy Anderson, president of the Ohio-based replacement window manufacturer. "The high rate of response and real-time delivery of comment-rich feedback from customers yields tremendous rewards that translate into more sales and higher customer satisfaction. Our dealers and their installers benefit from GuildQuality by involving homeowners in the quality process and helping them understand that their input makes a real difference."