Soft-Lite Expands Exterior Color Capacity

April 23, 2010

Due to a significant increase in the demand for color exteriors in the past five years, Soft-Lite LLC has installed three new paint booths to expand capacity for its SureCoat exterior colored windows.  “The increase in our painting capacity gives us a competitive edge by shortening lead times, resulting in improved service to our customers,” says Greg Irving, VP of sales and marketing.

In addition to offering faster turnaround times, the new state-of-the-art paint booths also provide a steadier production flow compared to the original single paint room Soft-Lite previously used, he notes.The booths are environmentally friendly due to their overspray elimination, which filters excess airborne particles from the atmosphere inside the booths. This advanced system also ensures a cleaner process and a higher quality finish on the product.

“Whether it has been to add a distinctive look or to maximize home value, homeowner demand for colored window exteriors has been expanding rapidly and shows no indication of slowing down,” said Kevin Koznick, the Soft-Lite regional sales rep for the Upper Midwest. In a down economy, many homeowners are choosing to focus on home improvements rather than purchase new homes. Homeowners are selecting window replacement projects because they save energy and money, and  beautify their property, officials state.

“Our color system fits the most complex color schemes,” says Randy LaMotte, Soft-Lite’s regional sales rep for the lower Midwest states and greater Atlanta. “Even owners of historic Victorian homes with three or four accent colors benefit from our program. They can match their window exteriors with any accent color in their entire exterior color scheme. They can then choose from white, beige, or four woodgrains for their window interiors.”

“Staying ahead of customer demand and the marketplace can be challenging in this economy,” Irving states. “Soft-Lite has stayed true to its goal of maintaining the market’s lead position with exterior window surface coatings. Our prudent financial decisions of the past have assured our debt-free status and have allowed us to invest in these technological advancements when others cannot.”

“With the addition of these three new paint booths, we will position ourselves to more effectively serve rapidly growing market demand, but more importantly further improve quality, safety and speed to market of our SureCoat offering,” says Roy Anderson, Soft-Lite president. “This PVC exterior coating system allows our customers to enjoy the maintenance-free, energy efficiency of vinyl windows while benefiting from the aesthetic enhancement of a perfect match with their home exteriors.”