Soft-Lite Offers Web Tools to Dealers

August 26, 2010

Soft-Lite LLC is implementing improveit! 360, a Web-based business management system said to allow the vinyl window and door manufacturer to better integrate with its dealer network. The system also aims to help its dealers lower operating costs and improve business processes. 

Helping Soft-Lite dealers generate and close more leads, an embedded closed-loop marketing system in improveit! 360 promotes ongoing marketing and automated communications, according to the supplier. Dealers will be able to access professionally-designed marketing templates and materials developed by Soft-Lite for campaigns and communications.

Other tools are designed to help dealers automate appointment scheduling, manage complex projects, and comply with government regulations like the EPA lead paint rule. The system also enables dealers to view customer interactions and offers a wide variety of reporting tools that can allow dealers to make better business decisions using the system’s customizable, real-time dashboards and reports.

“We are truly excited to partner with improveit! 360,” says Roy Anderson, president of Soft-Lite, based in Streetsboro, Ohio. “Our dealers are great at running their businesses, but we’re confident this program will give them world-class tools to help propel them to greater success. It will increase network collaboration and strengthen our community, provide franchise-like integration and allow us to supply a comprehensive tool that our dealers can readily use to benefit their businesses.”

“We are very excited that Soft-Lite selected us to increase the collaboration within its community and help them meet their business goals,” says Brian Leader, president and CEO of improveit! Home Remodeling and improveit! 360. “We’re extremely confident that the improveit! 360 total business system combined with the impower! 360 corporate portal will transform the way Soft-Lite works with its dealers and provide resounding value for both entities.”

“Unlike other options on the market, improveit! 360 can integrate our entire community in a way not possible before," Anderson adds. "It will revolutionize our business and that of our dealers. To date, we have not seen another solution offer the level of support, benefits and functionality that improveit! 360 does. We’re thrilled to be the first to implement it.”