Study Sees Job Growth in Millwork

October 16, 2012

While many manufacturing industries are expected to lose jobs, a new report from IbisWorld points to millwork as an industry with a strong employment outlook over the next five years.  Millwork, along with several other industries, will benefit from two trends–growth in residential construction and the increasing importance of customization to consumers, researchers suggest.

The report sees employment growth in the millwork business increasing 4.5 percent per year through 2017, with more than 26,000 jobs to be added. The overall manufacturing sector is expected to grow about 0.3 percent annually.

"Millwork is highly dependent on manual labor mainly, because the industry’s final products, including wooden doors, windows and floors, require a quality hand finish before they can be sold to downstream industries and consumers," the report states. 

After five years of struggle, workers will be needed as demand from residential construction increases, and more home and building owners look for customized features. Other industries expected to benefit from these trends, according to IbisWorld, include sawmills and wood production; prefabricated home manufacturing; wood paneling manufacturing; and truck, trailer and motor home manufacturing.

The report notes that like many manufacturing industries, the five industries it points to have a high concentration of establishments in the Great Lakes region of the United States. The return of these manufacturing jobs is expected to contribute to the region’s continued drop in unemployment over the next five years.