Successful 2011 for Lisec

March 12, 2012

The Lisec Group, the manufacturer of glass fabricating and insulating glass equipment lines, achieved a 25 percent increase in sales for the calendar year ended December 31, 2011. “All regions worldwide saw improvements to their business and the company was able to achieve their targeted goals for the year," officials report.

The Austria-based company attributes much of its success to measures which have been taken to streamline the company and adjust to the new market dynamics. Among the changes, Lisec reorganized its sales department globally, and consolidated its software operations into a new automation group in order to achieve synergies and leverage expertise within the company.

Lisec has also renewed its focus on its core business, which has allowed it to stand out from competitors through all-in-one concepts and integrated automation solutions, executives report.

“We continue to [apply] new solutions in our approach to the market with a strong focus on high quality products and services,” states Karl Gruber, Lisec CEO. Thanks to a broad portfolio, the company sees itself as well positioned for 2012 and increased demand as the world economies slowly emerge from the severe recession.

Lisec also celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2011, noting a long history of successes and innovations. Gruber notes that the company will not rest on its past achievement, however.  “Innovation will continue to be the most important element of our strategy," he states. "We will continue to respond to the industry challenges through additional developments which address the needs of our customers."