SureView Preparing to Roll Out Fiberglass Line

December 7, 2009

SureView Inc., a Cleveland-based fiberglass fenestration lineal systems supplier, is preparing to roll out a new product line for window and door manufacturers at the International Builders' Show this coming January.  Producing fenestration lineals and components at manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Canada, the company currently sells to customers in the U.S., Canada and the UK markets, reports Mark Back, director of sales.

"Only a handful of fiberglass-framed windows currently exist in the market and the majority of these are proprietary systems restricted to one of the leading manufacturers," states Geoff Card, SureView technical director. "The strength of our industry–and 70 percent plus of its activity–is supplied by our regional manufacturers. No professionally-designed fiberglass window system is currently available to this segment," he asserts.

As a systems company, SureView can provide window manufacturers the technology, engineering, sales and marketing support and services to enable them to fabricate and market "an exciting line of cutting edge products," Card states. "To date, fiberglass has enjoyed only a very small—less than 5 percent—share of the market, but this is about to dramatically change," he predicts.

The pultrusion company's line includes double- and single-hungs, double- and single-sliders, casements, awnings and three types of picture windows, reports Back. "Currently in the final stages of engineering is our complete line of fiberglass door systems. SureView also works closely with those customers who seek some level of a proprietary system, complete with engineering, design, testing, certification, sales and marketing support," he adds.

SureView is owned and funded by Resilience Capital Partners LLC, a Cleveland-based private equity group that first got involved in the fiberglass pultrusion business with the acquisition of Omega Polymer Technologies, after it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2006. Resilience renamed that business Composite Technologies of America and sold those company assets earlier this year to Andersen Corp., a long-time customer.  Andersen renamed the unit Custom Pultruders Inc., which is now a subsidiary of the window and door manufacturer.

SureView made its industry appearance at the 2008 Remodeling Show in Baltimore.  At that event, Chicago-based Armaclad Windows & Doors showed a prototype fiberglass window developed in conjunction with SureView.