Titan Wood Opening U.S. Office

February 1, 2008

Titan Wood Ltd., the supplier of Accoya treated wood—designed to offer a high-performing, non-toxic alternative for windows and doors, as well as other building products—is opening new regional office for the Americas in Dallas, Texas. “Accoya wood has received an overwhelming response in the Americas and we are delighted to expand our physical presence in this key market,” comments Willy Paterson-Brown, executive chairman of parent company Accsys Technologies PLC. “Dallas is the ideal base for our regional office due to its central location, the ease of doing business there and its abundance of qualified personnel,” he adds.

Titan Wood manufactures and sells licenses to manufacture Accoya wood around the world. It currently has a 320,000-square-foot production plant in the Netherlands—with plans to double capacity to meet strong demand—that supplies the European market. The facility also acts as a technology demonstration plant and temporary supply facility to licensees building additional facilities around the world. License option agreements for several key markets are in advanced stages of negotiation, and licensee Diamond Wood China is proceeding with a new plant in the People’s Republic of China, the company reports.

The company’s wood modification technique is said to make the consistent supply of durable, dimensionally stable, sustainable, non-toxic wood a reality. Based on wood acetylation, the Accoya wood production process does not introduce anything into the wood that does not already naturally occur within it; but the resulting change in the wood’s chemistry makes it more durable, stable and reliable than even the very best tropical hardwoods, according to the supplier.

Extensively tested, Accoya wood is reported to offer an above-ground life of 50 years. The supplier is targeting a number of exterior applications, including windows, doors, siding, decking, and exterior load-bearing beams for buildings, bridges and other structures. The wood is easy to maintain, requires less frequent coating maintenance and saves on environmental and financial costs, the company states. Prices are competitive with other premier building products and all Accoya produced by Titan Wood is made using wood sourced from Forest Stewardship Council and other regionally certified, sustainably-managed sources, the company also reports.