Union Workers File Complaint Against Republic

January 6, 2009

Following up on their victory to receive severance and back vacation pay, members of the United Electrical Workers Local 1110 plan to file charges against Republic Windows & Doors at the National Labor Relations Board in Chicago today.

According to the union Web site, www.ueunion.org,  Republic's former workers are charging the company with shutting down operations without negotiating the decision to do so as required by law, not bargaining in good faith regarding the effects of the shutdown, and improperly setting up a new operation.

The union says that their former employer, Richard Gillman, improperly took equipment from Republic Windows & Doors in order to set up a new company, Echo Windows, which is now producing a similar product in Red Oak, Iowa.

The union is asking the NLRB to seek an injunction to force the employer to follow the law and return the machinery to the factory.

"The company didn't fulfill its obligation to discuss their plans with us before they shut down," said Armando Robles, president of UE Local 1110. "We're filing these charges to ensure that the owners live up to all of their legal obligations and justice is done."