Upcoming Webinar Sheds Light on New Marketing Tool

Window & Door
August 4, 2015

Welton Hong, leader of Ring Ring Marketing, Window & Door columnist and featured Express Learning speaker at this year’s GlassBuild America tradeshow, will join Google to present an exclusive webinar on the topic of Remarketing. The webinar will be held on Monday, August 10 at 11 a.m. PDT.

“[The webinar will] illuminate one of the most powerful tools to increase conversions, expand your customer base and drive revenue,” explains Hong. “[Remarketing is] one of the most successful online marketing techniques I’ve ever worked with.”

Remarketing uses technology to track website visitors who do not complete the process of converting into a customer. The ads are pay-per-click and directly promote products and services to people who have already visited a website. The technology tracks visitors through the use of cookies, then displays specifically-designed advertisements wherever the visitor continues online.

“No initiative I’ve worked with has achieved more in less time than remarketing advertising. This is a true game-changer in the marketing world,” Hong says. He believes it provides more “than virtually any other strategy a business can employ.”

Participation is limited and users may register on the Ring Ring Marketing website.