Updated Website for Solar Innovations

May 29, 2012

Solar Innovations Inc., a manufacturer of residential and commercial folding and sliding doors, glass enclosures and windows, has revamped its website.  After rapidly expanding in recent months, the site features expanded information on many existing pages, as well as new sections devoted to glazing, greenhouse accessories, and alternative energy.

The site features information on active and passive energy solutions, including expanded illustrations. Customers can also browse a “High Performance Glazing” section, consisting of eight pages with in-depth information and charts and graphs to help explain various options.

The “Our Conservatory” and “Our Greenhouses” sections were recently added to allow potential customers an intimate view inside the manufacturer's structures. A visual timeline of greenhouses and conservatories is featured, showing how they evolve each month. In-house greenhouse experts and conservatory designers provide updates as changes take place and provide seasonal photographs to accompany the updates.

In addition, the site highlights 12 featured applications, as well as “Project Videos” page to provide customers a centralized location to view videos of Solar Innovations’ products in action.