View Releases New Smart Building Products, Partners with Microsoft Azure IoT Services

Window & Door
November 19, 2018

View Inc. is developing several smart building solutions to further its vision of creating environments that are more intelligent, connected and personalized, including its recent release, View SmartProtect. In addition, View entered into a partnership with Microsoft to leverage Azure IoT services.

View SmartProtect smart window-based building security solution automatically and instantaneously detects glass breakage. As soon as glass is broken on any window, View SmartProtect sends a signal notifying the customer of the specific time, window and location within a structure where the glass break event occurred. View SmartProtect leverages the new Microsoft Azure IoT service—Azure Digital Twins—to deliver a solution with enterprise reliability and security, company officials report.

“View SmartProtect is the first of several IoT solutions from View that make buildings healthier, smarter and more productive,” says Erich Klawuhn, vice president, product management, at View. “SmartProtect enables customers to protect their assets with 100 percent glass coverage, and without false alarms from glass break sensors that cause added hassle and cost.”

SmartProtect is the first of many smart building solutions from View that will use the Azure IoT platform.