Vinyl Link Fabricator Program Rolled Out

December 15, 2008

Vinyl Life Outdoor Building Products is rolling out its Collective Success Program, designed to provide pre-notched, pre-cut profiles using the Vinyl Link process to window fabricators. 

"We will be offering window frame profiles ranging in widths from 2.625 inches up to 3.25 inches,” reports Frank LaSusa, president.  Product series' available include West Coast side load, sloped sill, double hung, replacement, flush fin, hurricane-rated and brickmould designs.

"This program has been strategically implemented to help the industry meet the increased demands in reducing labor, eliminating scrap and increasing profits, while also providing an opportunity to enhance (fabricators') respective product lines–all this without the burden of further investment," LaSusa reports. In order to help window manufacturers in the troubled market conditions, he notes, "We have removed the short term, long term and minimum quantity commitments on these programs. These products will be offered at a cost per pound and the end users will only be charged for the consumable materials, no scrap."

Vinyl Life is also introducing the VecoSkeleton European and commercial program, LaSusa reports. The program is based on a steel-reinforced vinyl product line developed by Veka Inc. that has been designed and tested to meet AAMA ratings for commercial applications.  "We believe this will be an enormous opportunity for growth in the U.S. and South and Central Americas for our company," he notes. 

"Integrated into this product line, we will carry laminated woodgrain and architectural colors along with full European systems such as tilt-turns, fold-and-slide doors, projected windows, swing doors, casements, lift-and-slides and many others configurations. These products will be offered without IG ready for glazing or, with the IG ready for install," LaSusa continues. "With our process capabilities and trade secrecy adaptations, we anticipate campaigning the products at prices otherwise unavailable for such a high quality item, and targeting every level of market penetration."