Viwinco Hosts Congressman

April 21, 2009

Rep. Jim Gerlach of the Pennsylvania 6th district visited Viwinco Inc.'s window fabrication facility in Morgantown, Pa., on April 20.  David Barnes, Viwinco president, welcomed the congressman and provided a plant tour.

“This business is more involved and complicated than people realize,” noted Gerlach as he walked through the facility.  Barnes outlined the unplanned investment and engineering challenges required to meet the new tax credit criteria, a major topic of conversation during Gerlach’s visit. Barnes outlined the unplanned investment and engineering challenges required to meet those criteria. “Our size allowed us to take fast action to meet the criteria," Barnes told the congressman. "Now we hope to increase business and call back laid-off employees.”

Congressman Gerlach learned about impact testing of windows as part of the Viwinco plant tour.

In addition to talking about the tax credit, Gerlach suggested that "government has not done a good job communicating the specifics to help building industry suppliers take advantage of other stimulus bill monies through the HUD and weatherization programs.” 

The visit also included a town hall style meeting for all employees, featuring a legislative update followed by a question and answer period. Gerlach reminded workers that he did not vote for the stimulus bill and said he would have preferred to see tax relief for small business. He also said he did not think the current budget resolution will put money back into the hands of companies. Gerlach then elaborated on several suggestions he put forth in the House in an effort to improve bipartisan cooperation because he has seen good ideas shut out of general discussion.

A Window & Door Top 100 Manufacturer, Viwinco has been manufacturing vinyl windows for 25 years.  The company operates a 140,000 square foot plant, along with a 30,000 square foot R&D facility in Morgantown.