Westside Door First to Implement WTS Dealer System

April 2, 2009

WTS Paradigm, a supplier of window and door manufacturing and sales software, reports it has  completed the first implementation for its new dealer software product, DealerPoint, with Westside Door & Moulding of Los Angeles.

“In the past we’ve used standard ERP software, and even have had other customized systems," reports Howard Wizenberg, Westside president. "Until we were able to connect with WTS Paradigm, we never felt fully satisfied to the point where we felt comfortable that we had a system that would meet our needs for providing better customer service and improve our overall efficiency. WTS Paradigm’s user support, attention to detail, and customer service has our entire staff feeling comfortable with the new system.”

Before implementing WTS Paradigm’s DealerPoint, Westside did not have an automated process for managing workflow and inventory, scheduling shipments and resources, as well as tracking orders and margins. The new software helped "fill the gaps that remained in the 'homegrown' systems," the supplier explains. Furthermore, the performance of the new system has accelerated individual productivity at Westside.

WTS Paradigm continues to move forward with software innovation, and has a clear focus on expanding current software packages and services to not only manufacturers, but other players in all sales channels in the window and door industry as well,” states Nathan Herbst, WTS president.

The dealer package is especially easy to quote and order products when the vendor is a WTS Paradigm CenterPoint manufacturer, the supplier points out. Vendor systems will launch within DealerPoint, requiring no additional data entry or estimating, making the quoting and ordering process extremely fast and accurate. Complete with all functions needed to run a dealership including multiple-vendor quoting, order management, purchasing, receiving, and inventory and shipping capabilities, DealerPoint gives customers the ability to function more efficiently and a  steadier workflow that can increase sales, profitability, and cash collections, according to the supplier.

Easy to implement, DealerPoint was ready for live use at Westside in one week, WTS reports.

Commonly known as the “Best Little Doorhouse in Town,” Westside Door & Moulding has grown steadily over the past several years and is one of the more influential dealers in the Los Angeles area. The company's experience and dedication to customer service have allowed it to sustain its business  through the recent downturn.