Wheeler’s Expanding Window Production with Two New Locations

June 20, 2007

Wheeler’s Building Materials has expanded with the addition of a 177,000-square-foot manufacturing and distribution facility in Charlotte, N.C. To better serve the greater Atlanta area, it also plans to move its existing window production in Cumming, Ga., to a new location in Gwinnett, Ga.

The company began manufacturing and distributing windows, doors and trim from the new North Carolina operation in May, with officials noting it has added the second Charlotte location to keep pace with residential development in that area. “Unlike most housing markets, Charlotte is running wide open,” says CEO Mark Manis. “We have more business than our first location can handle.”

The company plans to add a truss plant at the same location in early 2008. Its original Charlotte facility will continue to operate as a lumberyard.

Company officials say the Gwinnett site is necessary as its current Cumming location is short on space and the builder supply company expects a renewed growth in the Metro Atlanta housing market. “In spite of the soft market, some segments of our business, such as windows and trusses, are booming,” says Manis. “On top of that, we need to get ready for a real turn around in the market, which we feel will start picking up by the beginning of next year.”

Window production is being moved to the new 165,000-square-foot Gwinnett facility, while truss production will stay in Cumming, where it will have room to grow, Manis says.

Wheeler’s, based in Rome, Ga., manufactures vinyl and wood windows, in addition to supplying lumber, homebuilding supplies and manufactured trusses, wall panels and doors. The Gwinnett site is Wheeler’s fourteenth distribution center in Georgia. Wheeler’s has 17 distribution centers serving builders and contractors in Georgia, North Carolina and Alabama.