Window Enterprises Goes Into Receivership

November 5, 2008

Window Enterprises LLC has been placed into receivership in a ruling by the District Court of Dallas County, Texas as of Oct. 28.  The manufacturer's Web site has been replaced by a simple screen indicating receivership status and directing visitors to the court documents.

No details are available about plans for the Carrollton, Texas-based company.  Neither Window Enterprises nor Hilco Financial Inc.–the plaintiff in the case which according to court ruling posted is receiving the proceeds from the sale and disposal of Window Enterprises assets–has returned calls or emails seeking further information or comment.

According to the online court document, a third party has been named to oversee the receivership process, including taking control of all assets, maintaining the value of all assets and handling all payouts. That party will, within 30 days, file an inventory of collateral of which Hilco has taken possession.

Window Enterprises got its start with the purchase of all the assets of Action Windoor Technologies at the end of 2007.  Led by Michael Mullarkey, CEO and owner, the organization employed more than  200 people, manufacturing vinyl and aluminum windows sold from California to Florida. The company’s operations are housed in a 110,000 square foot facility in Carrolton, Texas, and it has a builder direct sales office in Houston.  

Action Windoor Technologies started producing windows in 2000.  It grew rapidly and was a Window & Door Top 100, reporting sales in the $50 million to $75 million range by 2006.