Workers Stage Sit-In at Closing Republic Plant

December 7, 2008

Union workers at Republic Windows & Doors, which announced it was closing its doors on Friday, staged a sit-in this weekend, demanding severance and remaining vacation pay.  The Chicago-based manufacturer shut down its operations after Bank of America would no longer extend its line of credit, according to company officials.

The workers' action has attracted significant press attention, with union officials criticizing the fact that Bank of America received $25 billion as part of the Wall Street bail-out, while factory workers are denied pay and benefits they are due.  President-elect Barack Obama was even asked about the situation at a press conference held yesterday, at which time he said the workers are entitled to their severance and vacation pay.

Republic officials have not been available for comment, but are reportedly scheduled to meet with union leaders on Monday.

Work has stopped at the Republic window plant in Chicago, but workers are now
staging a sit-in to demand they receive their severance and vacation pay, as well as
continued benefits.