WTS Paradigm Goes 'Live' with Lucent Window and Door

Window & Door
December 17, 2013

WTS Paradigm has gone live with Lucent Window and Door Co., a high-end manufacturer of wood and wood aluminum-clad windows and doors for the new construction and replacement window market. By taking a phased approach and focusing on core business needs, Lucent was able to compress a project that typically averages six months in duration down to eight weeks. This has allowed the manufacturer to distribute a selling tool to its dealer network in less than 90 days from the project initiation.

“We are excited to have Lucent as part of our growing partner base,” says Nathan Herbst, CEO of WTS Paradigm, a provider of configuration, quoting, and ordering technology . “We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed all of our customers’ needs and we look forward to helping them grow their business.”