AAMA Supports New LRRP Bill

March 9, 2012

Seeking revisions to the current lead-paint requirements established by the Environmental Protection Agency, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association will be providing information to members of Congress members in support of new legislation introduced by by Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.). The bill would restore the "opt-out" provision removed from EPA's Lead Renovate, Repair and Painting rule.

"Inherent flaws and overreach in the LRRP regulations are killing jobs and severely limiting the replacement of energy-inefficient windows," says Rich Walker, AAMA president and CEO. "The rule unfairly penalizes homeowners, contractors and business owners involved in renovation and repair."

AAMA plans to provide information and support for Inhofe's Lead Exposure Reduction Amendments Act of 2012 (S2148) when it comes before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, on which Inhofe presides as ranking minority member. The committee is expected to invite EPA and Center for Disease Control officials to provide testimony during an upcoming hearing on lead and children's health within the next month.