Bills Introduced to Stop Backdoor Regulations

Window & Door
January 24, 2017

Recently, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) introduced the Sunshine for Regulatory Decrees and Settlements Act (HR 469) while Sen Chuck Grassley (R-IA) introduced a companion bill, S. 119, in the Senate. These bills prevent the ability of federal agencies to participate in back-door sue-and-settle arrangements with special interest groups, which circumvent established regulatory laws.

Federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency have increasingly turned to consent decrees as a means of realigning regulatory priorities and establishing new rules that affect manufacturers and the economy, according to the Window & Door Manufacturers Association.

Agencies can carry out sue-and-settle litigation without public notice or comment, and over 100 such regulations were handed down during the Obama Administration, at an estimated annual cost of more than $100 billion, including the removal of the opt-out provision in the Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule.