Connecticut Assembly Adjourns Without Passing Window Warranty Bill

Window & Door
September 18, 2018

In May, the Connecticut General Assembly adjourned for the year and did not consider window warranty legislation that was vetoed during the previous year.

The legislation would have required that a manufacturer of “residential roofing, window, or siding materials” offering a consumer warranty would have had 30 days to make determinations on paying warranty claims. After 30 days, claims would automatically be considered approved and the manufacturer would have had to pay the consumer within the following 30 days. The manufacturer would have been required to cover the full price for any materials and the hourly labor rate the consumer was charged for the original product and installation. 

In 2017, Window & Door Manufacturers Association mounted a successful advocacy campaign to have Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy veto the bill. This year, WDMA, lobbyists engaged in a successful advocacy campaign to educate lawmakers on the harm it would cause to manufacturers and consumers should the bill be introduced and passed.

The General Assembly is now adjourned until 2019.