Connecticut Governor Vetoes Warranty Bill

Window & Door
July 10, 2017

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy (D) vetoed recently-passed legislation in Connecticut affecting consumer warranties for windows. According to Malloy, SB 821 would "harm consumers due to its detrimental impact to the marketplace" and was "simply unworkable."

In a statement, the governor cited 40 businesses and associations across the state, including the Window and Door Manufacturers Association, who had "expressed significant concerns about this legislation." WMDA President and CEO Michael O'Brien, who had previously labeled the bill "onerous" and called for a veto, says, "WDMA commends Gov. Malloy for vetoing this unprecedented and problematically-vague legislation."

Window & Door earlier reported that the Connecticut General Assembly passed the bill in June. See previous coverage of the bill here and here.