EPA Advancing Energy Star Top Tier

March 17, 2011

The Environmental Protection Agency is moving forward with a new "top tier" Energy Star program designed to identify and advance highly efficient products in the marketplace.  EPA is gearing up a pilot program for clothes washers, heating and cooling equipment, televisions, and refrigerator‐freezers.

In a letter to stakeholders, Ann Bailey, director of Energy Star Product Labeling, said "later this year, EPA will initiate a process to evaluate the 2011 pilot and consider additional product categories (e.g., windows) for potential inclusion in 2012."

With its March 16 letter, EPA is sending out draft criteria for "most efficient" products in the program's initial product cateogories, as well as the "most efficient" point‐of‐purchase marketing template.  No launch date for the pilot program is set, but EPA is asking for comments on its final proposals for the new program to be submitted by April 6.

More information on the new program is available on the Energy Star Web site.